Dedicating Time for Company Growth

Several months ago, most likely through on a recommendation from a fellow friend in the industry, I came across Spin Sucks, Gini Dietrich’s blog, coined as “Professional Development for PR and Marketing Pros.”  Instantly, I was hooked.  I subscribe and read it daily, and even found myself discussing her blog posts with fellow PR friends like we knew Gini personally.  (Okay, mainly, my friend Christina.)

But lately, one of Gini’s posts, “Working On Your Business, Not In It,” has me thinking: I need to be focusing more time on building my business while not dedicating less time to my clients.  My blog posts don’t come as frequently as they used to; there’s no good excuse for my having gone three weeks since my last post.  My website needed a bit of tweaking, things that, a month after they’d been posted, looked a bit “off” to me.  You know, a bit of light housekeeping that will make all the difference.  And maybe, just maybe, I might get around to actually using my Twitter account again one day.  (It’s @marashorr, in case that day happens soon!)

As I set out to do more, I would love suggestions.

What would YOU like to read about?  How would YOU love to see The Leone Company grow?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  

And remember… if you love this blog (which will go back to regular postings now!), send it along to a friend.  Repost it on Facebook.  Encourage your friends to sign up!  (I’m happy to pass along the favor in the future 🙂