New Year’s Resolutions: Vitamins, Dishes, Lists and Happiness

Almost everyone I know has New Year’s resolutions.  Before she had her daughter, in fact, my friend Lyndsay, used to have a series of them which she grouped by category and then deadline.  If you know Lyndsay, believe me, this makes sense.

In fact, this blog was the product of a 2011 New Year’s resolution, before The Leone Company even existed, when Heather Whaling at let me know that, like, Nike, I should “Just do it!” and get blogging already!

And so, more than a week into the new year, I’m laying mine out there.  Hold me accountable, please:

  1. Always put my dishes in the dishwasher before going to bed. (Dad, you’d be ashamed at the piles that we woke up to some mornings!)
  2. Take my vitamins every night.  (Yes, sometimes I count chewable Airborne tablets as my vitamins for the day.)
  3. Always work with clients and projects that make me happy. (Check out that rockstar list of The Leone Company’s clients here.)
  4. Keep a daily, running “To Do” list that, each day, must have items that have been crossed off.

The clients? This is more to keep me on track. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of wonderful clients through The Leone Company this year, ranging from fundraising to community outreach to marketing projects.  Even contracts that have ended did so on a high note, and something I pride myself on.  Going into the new year, I always want to keep a focus on this.

The “To Do” list? It’s working out well!  Each day, I start out with a freshly printed list (on the reverse side of previously used paper, of course!).  A clean list makes me feel like I’m not bringing yesterday’s baggage into the next morning.  Each list has four categories:

  1. To Do: The Leone Company. (Remember my post about Dedicating Time For Company Growth?  Those are the items on this list.  Updating my website.  Working on potential new clients.  Blogging.  )
  2. To Do: Insert “Client Name” here.  Each client has their own list.  This gathers all of the social media notes, random thoughts I had in the shower, phone calls to return and tasks that require an action item in one place.
  3. To Do: Errands. Taking client packages to the post office.  Picking up dry cleaning.  And yes, even returning two lampshades to Lowe’s because, well, why not just buy three and decide on your favorite at home? (Don’t judge me.  Or my dishes.  Or the fact that I have the vitamin habits of a five-year-old.)
  4. To Do: Personal. You know what goes in this list.  Really, just send your cousins’ holiday gifts already!

After trying apps and other electronic options, I’ve found a hard copy of the list just makes me happier. But I’m always up for new things!

What are your resolutions this year? Send me a note, a tweet at @marashorr or leave a comment below!

This week, I’m a guest blogger at, the website for the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.  Check it out!


Months ago, Geben Communication’s Heather Whaling (@prtini) introduced me to a listserv that I’ve come to love.  “Help a Reporter Out,” known as HARO, is a site that allows journalists, bloggers and authors to connect with sources for particular stories, deliverying the leads directly to your Inbox. Deadline driven, this site, when used properly, can work PR magic for you, your organization, or your clients.

Sign up.  Stat. 

Then, check out a few tips on the best ways to use HARO effectively to make sure your pitch is heard.  Although lots of great sites offer them, a few of my favorites are by Heather herself, here, and another by Costa Devault’s Doreen Overstreet (@DoreenO), here.


4 Companies (and a Few Individuals) Inspiring Entrepreneurship

I’m always inspired when someone decides to stop doing what they “like”… in order to do what they LOVE.  Within the past few years, I’ve watched a few amazing people around me start companies that turn their passions into realities.  In the spirit of entrepreneurship, this post is for them.

  • Geben Communication. When Heather Whaling (@prtini) wanted to move back to Columbus, OH almost two years ago, she decided it was time to take nearly a decade of PR agency experience into her own hands.  Now, she rules the online (okay, and offline, too) PR scene. Mashable comes to her.
  • CageHero. Two MMA fanatics (who yes, are also best friends) Ian Parker and Mark Mastrandrea didn’t see a clothing line with a strong positive message.  What better solution than to start one?  Now, with approximately one dozen fighters wearing their gear, along with an extended women’s and baby line, this clothing line shows that yes, indeed, “The Hero Comes From Within.”
  • Centers for Animal Therapies. Originating from a vision by owner Jo Maldonado to offer the general public a complete program towards the  understanding of animals, preserving of natural and natural healing techniques, CAT now offers a variety of courses to Central Florida.  Topics include anything from animal business and behavioral classes to reiki and communication.  Essentially, if you can dream it up, there’s a class on it with CAT.
  • Sassy Sweet Treats.The most amazing cookie and brownie company.  Ever. Shipped all over the country from Jersey City, NJ, Chief Baking Officer Jennie Broderick turned her passion for a fabulous Chocolate Chunk cookie into a sustainable business nearly five years ago.  With product available online, as well as local delivery (hello, Whoopie Pies!) and farmers’ markets, this is perfect holiday/hostess/housewarming/just because gift.  And really, a Cookie of the Month Club to boot?!
  • Independent Writers and Editors (like Sarah Sekula and Ashley Cisneros). These ladies left their corporate careers with magazines and PR firms to freelance.  Now, they attend and cover fabulous events, take trips around the globe, and write intensely amazing human interest pieces.  Oh, and they get paid to do so.
Do you know someone who has left a job they “like” to do what they LOVE?  Leave a comment and share with the world!