WOW! Overwhelming support!

WOW!  Your support has been overwhelming.

On Tuesday, I announced my departure from my position with Enzian and the Florida Film Festival.  On that day, the number of people reading this blog jumped.  By jumped, I mean WAS SENT SKY ROCKETING THROUGH THE STRATOSPHERE, showing more than five times the number of readers even my highest read post had received.  I have dozens of new blog followers, and more words of support sent to me than I ever dreamed of.  (Not to mention a few new prospects!)

Thank you!

Over the next week, I’ll be meeting with potential new clients in the coveted early-morning-coffee, lunchtime, and drinks-post-office-hours time slots, all while working the same hours, if not more, in order to hand things over in a tidy package to my current employer.  (Really, they’ve been phenomenal!  I suppose giving six to eight weeks notice is appreciated!) While I had planned to take a bit of time off, I’m watching excitedly as my calendar fills up with prospect meetings, networking events (like “Wine, Women, and Chocolate, hosted by the National Association of Women Business Owners)… and enjoying every minute of it!


For those of you who have known me over the years, you know I have truly loved my position with the Florida Film Festival

However, after a career in the non-profit world, I’m excited to announce that I am making the decision to go out on my own, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit I have admired in others for so long. 

With this, I’ll  be picking up clients who need a number of services, including, but not limited to, marketing/communications, copywriting, proofreading, fundraising and project management. 

Does that seem like a strange combination?  Perhaps!  But one of the joys of a career in the non-profit world is that you learn to do more with less… and less is often less staffing.  This equates to my having worn more hats than most could have imagined over the years, and, in turn, gaining quite the skill set!

My boss, co-workers, family and friends couldn’t have been more understanding, supporting, and gracious if they tried, and have supported me every step of the way in this new adventure.  But now, it’s time to take the leap.

June 10 (next Friday) is my last day with Enzian and the Florida Film Festival, and I leave my favorite arthouse cinema with a smile, and hope to return with my MacBook Air, a glass of wine and future clients soon.

I would love your support in my efforts!  How? 

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